And for a Friday after the incredible Malayali spirit displayed in Kerala this week….. some thoughts…..

WMF – World Malayalee Federation is an international body of ‘Malayalees’ formed to foster relationships, a community bonhomie and Social Welfare. It has presence in 90 countries and is headquartered in Austria with one Vision and one Motto – Do Good to the needy, any and everywhere in the World.

I was humbled to be invited as their Chief Guest and Guest of Honour to launch the Karnataka Chapter of WMF in Bangalore – a Non Profit, Non-Commercial Organisation. Could not believe Karnataka has the largest number of Malayalees outside of Kerala, more than 1.5 Million of NRKs. Being a Mumbaikar, I had believed Mumbai had the largest Mallus in India.

The Malayalee DNA is to be endearing and to care for others. When the going gets Tough, the Tough get going. This week in Kerala was a live demonstration of the true “Mallu” Spirit. Irrespective of Caste, creed, religion or economic status, every Keralite was hand in hand to help the other in need even before the Rescue teams from the Army and Disaster Management Teams arrived. The citizens were rescuing and working in Teams. Fisherman loaded their boats on Trucks and arrived in waterlogged areas to rescue the marooned. All IAS and Cabinet Ministers too were knee deep in water literally helping the effort at Relief camps. Absolute discipline. Churches, temples and Mosques accommodated all in need. Food was first served to the Children, then the very elderly, the women and last as per availability the Men. No push no shove, no theatrics, just simple care and concern.

Kerala has to be symbolic of what the idea of India is – secular, inclusive, literate, tolerant and caring. Let us all support the rebuilding of Kerala, the Empathy way, the caring way, the SEEGOS way.