And for a Friday after a needless Language controversy has been ignited, some thoughts….. some musings…..

Three language formula – Courtesy

The strength of the country is its rich Diversity and huge Tapestry of Cultures, Colours and Configurations. India is often compared as a “Thali” Meal. You could have Vegetarian Thali with or without Jain food or only Dry Sabjis. The person next to you can have a non vegetarian thali with Fish/mutton or chicken dishes, maybe with rice or only chapatis or Puris. Choices are immense and no one food system is considered superior or inferior. All are equal. To each citizen, his own. Freedom guaranteed by the Constitution. Language is one such huge variant, hugely emotional in this large country of billion plus citizens. Hence the National leadership elucidated a well accepted compromise formula – the “Three language Formula” in the Education Policy early in the sixties.

All State Governments were encouraged to vigorously implement the three language formula by which Hindi speaking states must include one Modern Indian language preferably a South Indian language apart from Hindi and English and in the Non-Hindi speaking states it is the regional language along with Hindi and English. A very delicate and equitable balance of hardships and mutual understandings and self respect – not giving any undue advantage to one set of people over the others. Suddenly the concept of one National language opens up all the wounds. All State languages are official languages. Hindi may be spoken by about 50% plus but is not given any superiority over other languages.There is an entrenched belief that the attempts to impose Hindi are driven by those who want to eliminate English as the Link language in the country. Learning English is equally difficult for a Malayali as it is for a Bihari.

Let us not disturb the equilibrium. Let us not dwell on Divisions. Let us build the nation together, the “Unity in Diversity” way, the Ethical way, the SEEGOS way.