And for a Friday after the historic victory of Cricketeer Imran Khan, now the Prime Minister Designate of Pakistan….. some thoughts…..

Imran Khan

Courtesy Hindustan Times

Strange but true that India and Pakistan cannot see eye to eye. But Indians and Pakistanis (barring the Army) have so much in common. We share the same culture, love the same food, speak the same language and love the same Bollywood movies / Pakistani TV soap Operas. In World War 2, France and Germany fought bitter long battles and now live amicably as peaceful partners in European Union. Why not India and Pakistan?

I recall as Head of South Asia for a large MNC I often travelled to Karachi, Dacca, Colombo etc. for our Company meetings. The love and affection my wife and I got in Karachi was unbelievable, absolutely out of this World. My wife went to the Shopping centre wearing her Saree and with a Bindi on her forehead. Shopkeepers would refuse to take payment, saying you are our Guests from Mumbai and we love you.

Whatever some Press reports may say about rigged elections, Mr.Qureshi the ex-Chief Election Commissioner of India and an Observer for the Pakistan Elections has vouched that the Elections were conducted in a free and fair manner. I know him as a very integral and Ethical officer and I believe him. Also mind you, no far right Islamic fundamentalist Anti-India parties got even a Single Seat. This shows what the ordinary Pakistanis think. All want Peace and growth. India with 150 million and Pakistan with more than a third of its Population below Poverty, can do with lots and lots of cooperative peaceful development.

I hope the current Invitees from India, friends of Imran – Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Navjot Siddhu and Aamir Khan attend the Oath taking ceremony. Let us give Peace a “Chance”. Let us build a Developed India the Peaceful way, the Ethical way, the SEEGOS way.