And for a Friday as the World totters away from the catastrophic Brink of a War over Iran and Global economic downturn, some thoughts….. some musings…..

Justice P C Ghose being sworn in by President of India as Chairperson Lokpal

In the Globalised economy of today, India has to fight for its own growth and competitiveness. No matter what the external and internal problems be, the nation has to find “Jugaad solutions”. Two of the biggest problems are Corruption and Reservations. Our Constitution has very rightly provided reservations to SC/ST due to generations of Maltreatment and impoverishment of the lower castes. Reservation was originally for ten years and kept extending. In 1980 the Mandal Committee Report virtually made a free for all. Mayhem….. Competence, capability and sustainability have been compromised and now there is mad scramble to reserve jobs in Private Sector too. This is disastrous. Given the IBC code and the provisions of the New Company Act, what protection and guarantees do Professionals and Entrepreneurs have if Reservations in Private sector is enforced. That too, with bane of Corruption in the Backyard.

India against Corruption was a National movement in 2011-12. Led by Anna Hazare, the main demand was to create an Ombudsman against Corruption. This has now finally fructified in the full fledged Lokpal under the chairmanship of Justice PC Ghose. Justice Ghose has a track record of impartial judgements concerning politicians of all hues. He was part of the Two member bench that held Jayalalitha and Sasikala guilty of corruption. Let us all fully support him. Let all well meaning Civil societies and NGOs involved in protecting the Honest Citizens, be actively engaged in cleansing the Nation of its biggest C-U-R-S-E; Corruption. Merely being critical and armchair analysis will not help. Let’s publicise the role of Lokpal, get engaged, find ways and means to use Technology, networking, global clues, social Platforms etc. etc. to curb corruption.

India has the Manpower resources, Natural resources and technological capabilities. Let us all support Nation building and fighting the ills of Corruption, the Ethical way, the legal way, the SEEGOS way.